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Our focus is help landowners, buyers and professionals work together with greater transparency to create more genuine and rewarding land transactions, using a 3-part Education, Transparency and Action process.
— Alex Harrington-Griffin, Founder of TrustedLand

Enough is enough. Time to do things differently.

The team at TrustedLand want to change the property industry for the better. For too long there has been a fundamental knowledge and understanding gap between seller and buyer, exacerbating underlying trust issues, which we aim to mend.

We believe that by promoting transparency and offering expert knowledge and clear advice, landowners, agents and reputable property developers will enjoy better transactional experiences, in turn unlocking greater value and potential from UK land to create a vibrant and positive development journey for all.

Want to know what TrustedLand can do for Land Sellers and Buyers? 

To achieve this, we aim to first inform and guide land sellers, and secondly introduce them to our  TrustedLand Developers, Agents and Professionals, who have proved themselves as professionally outstanding, with a holistic approach to land and property development.

 TrustedLand Founder - Alex Harrington-Griffin

TrustedLand’s founder, Alex Harrington-Griffin, is a seasoned entrepreneur and has a passion for property. Stemming from a family with over 45 years property development experience, Alex's own experience from managing Coeur de Lion Property ,combined with his broader commercial acumen honed through several successful companies, led him to creating a solution which enhance the existing process and allowed genuine parties to stand out through 3rd party recommendations and introductions.

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