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Building Trust into Development

The TrustedLand Knowledge Bank

The TrustedLand Knowledge Bank provides advice pieces, interviews and videos that address key questions and steps around the process of buying and selling Land for residential property development in the UK.

A new way to find recommended development professionals

A new way to find professional support for land and development projects in the UK

From surveyors to agents, developers to architects, the TrustedLand Directory is here to help speed up finding quality professional support for development

TrustedLand Directory

Each week, we witness dozens of requests for an introduction to this professional or a recommendation for that specialist. With several previous property developers in our team, we have all experienced the pro’s and con’s of running with new parties when trying to appraise a development site or secure planning, and we felt that this process of meeting new professionals could be enhanced, in terms of both transparency and efficiency.

After building up of over 100 requests for a recommended introductions, we decided to deliver to the market a new database of all the professionals that our partners and network had been recommended, to help others find reliable providers of advice and services where needed.

Trusted land architects

Think of it as the CheckaTrade and TripAdvisor solution tailored to SME Development in the UK. Each member listing features company details, previous projects, association memberships and importantly, previous recommendations.

The new directory, which can be found at, was launched late August 2018 and currently features a South-East concentrated collection of recommended property developers, agents, both residential and commercial, architects, surveyors, solicitors and accountants, with new members being added daily.

While the Directory is building up and we are verifying new applications and recommendations, we are also offering existing members the chance to use our internal search service for free, which provides a user with an outreach and verification process and delivers up to three potential providers in their requested field.

So, next time you have a need for an architects opinion, a planning consultation, a surveyors technical input or simply a developer to potentially bid on your site, check out the new online TrustedLand Directory and don't forget to check out the special membership offer available until 15th September 2018 offering £130 of extra value.

Head to the TrustedLand Directory HERE