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Owners Guide to Selling Land for Development

The Trusted Land Guide to Selling Land for Development is a simple, easy to read 20 page guide for property and land owners, as well as buyers who want to help address key questions for landowners. The guide features several property experts from South East UK based companies, from planning consultants to construction teams, architects to solicitors. Download your free guide today.

Owners Guide to Selling Land & Property for Development

Step-by-step advice and key questions for landowners in a simple short guide


Trusted Land Guide to Selling Land for Devlopment

The Guide to Selling Land for Development offers readers:

  • 9 Expert perspectives covering key steps of the process

  • Over 40 great questions to ask a potential agent, professional or buyer

  • 'Confidence Tracker' - record your progress with various parties

Embarking on the journey of selling your business premises or private land for redevelopment is one not many will ever take. It is very different to buying or selling and a home, and brings into the equation numerous new parties, each with a concern or interest of their own.

TrustedLand believe that all great land deals start with clarity, and by providing landowners with a clear overview of the steps involved and the key questions to ask along the way, that this new confidence will lead to achieving more rewarding transactions for all parties, avoiding the possible headaches along the way. Request your Guide today.