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Building Trust into Development

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TrustedLand offers transparency to land and property owners looking to meet genuine buyers and agents, by presenting upfront recommendations and track records

What does TrustedLand do for Sellers and Buyers?

Welcome to our 3 Part Process - Education, Transparency, Action


Step 1 - Becoming Informed {Education}

For Land Owners & Sellers

We believe landowners should feel confident and comfortable with the process of selling their land for development, so we start with providing access to simple information, interviews, case studies and best practice guides. An informed landowner is an empowered landowner, ready to meet the right buyers and professionals and take considered action.

Landowners, whether looking to sell now or in future, can refer to dozens of videos, written articles, eBooks and printed guides to help them prepare themselves for their sale, appoint the right team around them, and ensure they get to the end goal as efficiently and successfully as possible.

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For Land Buyers & Developers

We believe Buyers need to be well-informed in order to be able to pursue worthwhile and actionable land deals, and to also avoid wasting valuable time on basic research and checks. We work with landowners and development professionals to give a up-to-date and extensive overview of the development opportunity, from planning policy to pricing, infrastructure news to important nearby developments.

TrustedLand ensures the basic research is done once and shared amongst interested parties, so you don't have to, allowing more time for in depth offer appraisal.


Step 2 - Building Trust {Transparency}

For Land Owners & Sellers

A major factor in achieving a positive land sale or development partnership is knowing you the people you are working with and taking advice from. Generally, referrals are great, although even then, ensuring the individual or company has best experience and vision for you and your project is key.

TrustedLand helps to give clarity and encourage openness between parties by sharing key details of all parties introduced, from their funding position to their track record, online media features to Companies House records. Knowing your land buyer fully means you can invest more time into the relationships that matter and are right for you, your family and your stakeholders.

For Land Buyers & Developers

Appraising sites is time consuming, whilst ensuring you understand the vendor's position clearly in order to present a sound bid proposal is vital, yet often missed. We appreciate that to put your best offer forward, and make every site bid worthwhile, that clarity in what the Land Owner is looking for is key.

TrustedLand gives approved Land Buyers comprehensive and relevant insight into the Land Seller, as well as their site opportunity. We go beyond the norm and provide upfront information, to ensure that you can spend time and energy where it matters most, and giving more time to creative solutions that work for all parties.


Step 3 - Creating Results {Action}

For Land Buyers & Developers

Property developers are in business for a reason, in the same way a landowner has invested in their premises or land, to create a respectable and attractive return. Working with well-informed and realistic landowners helps to create more actionable deals, by helping to clear away some of the barriers that stop transactions from happening. Our focus is supporting more good deals through better informed and transparent relationships in less time.

Too often deals drag out however, which is why we work with landowners and buyers in what we call an 8-week 'Handshake-to-Handshake' timeline. All successfully introduced TrustedLand Buyer Members will have 1 week to assess the headline site information, with the approved shortlist receiving a further 6-weeks for surveyors and in depth appraisal to inform your bid.

Remember, you'll have much of the needed preliminary information upfront, and you will only be introduced alongside a small number of pre-qualified and approved members, avoiding any out of sorts cowboy offers or inexperienced miscalculated bids that put reasonable bids to the back of the line. A landowner that you can fully appreciate the needs of, whilst they understand and respect your requirements and process, we feel, creates fantastic scope for more harmonious transactions.


For Land Owners & Sellers

Reaching the end goal should always be front of mind. Selling land or finding a development partner takes some time and patience, however achieving a positive result opens up opportunity beyond many others. The end result should be the confidence to move forward with a confirmed bid, having asked the right questions and been given the best advice, leading to a timely and convenient transaction date.

TrustedLand works on a 8-week 'Handshake-to-Handshake', meaning as soon as we agree to feature your opportunity, we set the clock to bring in credible and achievable bids in 8 weeks. Of course all agreed deals are fully documented and formalised, though we like to think that you and your selected buyer will have formed a grounded and personable relationship and handshake is more of gesture than official acceptance.

Your vision should be focused on what the process now unlocks, and the legacy it will invite, rather than remorse and concern as to whether you have done what is needed. TrustedLand helps you to feel good about your decision, and proud of your investment and hard work prior. Well-considered and confident action will lead to a positive, welcomed result, in turn unlocking your limitless legacy.